Immediately Boost Up your Creativity in 5 Ways

“Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness: ecstasy. ” – Rollo May.

The law of creativity is simple – creativity raises creativity. Being creative is all about flow, and as soon as you hit your stride in creating, it becomes so natural you forget you’re even doing it.

Creativity is a basic element in many human endeavors, such as art and design, music, performance, and literature. In the same vein, in art, journalism and structural design; the individual should see the end product before they begin drawing, writing and designing respectively. No industry can do without it.

All kinds of career or life goals are in need of creativity; let’s see a few ways which optimize the process of increasing your creativity.

1. Connecting what you’ve learned from past with the new info

You can begin with searching some of the creative examples you like or you find attractive, and analyze why you feel special about them & how they work, eventually, you can try to utilize the examples to try out.

The key point of using the examples properly is to review what’s already in your mind and find the connection between your previous experience and the new information. Once you get familiar with that, you will efficiently manage your brain to maximize the outcome from the routine.


2. Concentrate and focus on one thing at once

If your hours are the vessels, and you fill a few of them with junk activities, it will balance the entire day and make you feel miserable and drained. However, if you start filling the hours with one thing you focus the most, your day is going to be more meaningful since your brain knows you are putting the effort of developing a good habit, you will also create more confidence which enhances inspiration.


3. Use various visual and hearing media

Combining both visual and hearing media will make your practice of creating more efficient. Sometimes we only focus on the visual resource while creating; however, hearing media also plays an important role which affects your brain to boost up your creativity. Turn on your TV or Radio or play some background music, your emotion will automatically tune to the right status, which will bring you valuable insight. During the practice, noise is better than silence.


4. Believe in your creative capacity

Lack of confidence is a common mistake when you are practicing the process of creativity.

If deep down you don’t actually consider yourself creative at all, then this belief will bring you burdens on all you create.

Anything is possible with sustained effort. We can succeed. But, success won’t come to us, we have to go to success. Creativity won’t come to us, we have to go to creativity.

Confidence can bring your creativity to the advanced level. At the end of the day, there’s no perfect answer when you’re using your creativity. Have a strong belief and confidence will help you overcome needless doubt.


5. Surround Yourself with Excellence

By taking a look at your own surroundings, you can start to understand how your friends shape your life and creative goals.

You should always study and surround yourself with great art, great music, great literature, and especially great people. This builds in you a template of quality and standard of excellence that can drive your creativity forward.

Rather than constantly having to listen to negative feedback and having the negativity around you, choose the right network to be along with. This is going to help you build an invisible advantage and benefit yourself from the positive surrounding.


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