6 Ways to Be Delighted with Your Learning


When you enjoy what you do, learning turns into playing.

Learning is an endless routine that requires continuous efforts and time. It’s important to enjoy it as much as you can to live a happier life.

How you feel about your learning will also affect other portions of your life including your business opportunities, lifestyles, interests, and hobbies. Here are the 7 ways to enjoy your learning:

1. Excitement

The first important thing that is to ensure the learning journey you choose gives you excitement and passion. Learning plays an essential role in your life, as it will improve other aspects of your life. Be sure to ask yourself, how can you find something that you are passionate about?

Look for other things in your life that you like doing. For example, if you love listening to the band music, you could jump out your comfort zone and start getting some guitar or drum lessons to try out. The key point is to lead yourself to step on the right track and look for related and advanced training to test if it gives you excitement.


2. Learn for others

The second factor that plays an important role in your enjoyment of learning is to learn for others and plan your teaching materials based on that.

Parents are willing to learn how to decorate the house safely for their children. Sometimes using the momentum to share your knowledge to others will give you a better result. If you treat yourself as an educator, the learning process will become different and it helps you to be more responsible while learning.


3. Positioning

The third factor of enjoying your learning is to truly make a difference in people’s lives with what you learn. How are you gonna use the knowledge and skills you learn as your valuable assets that help people?

Becoming a solution provider will not only build up your network but also make you become a key opinion leader eventually.

Try to find something that you can actually provide which makes a positive difference in people’s lives, it’s gonna make your learning more meaningful.


4. Balance

The fourth factor to enjoy your learning is to find the balance between your learning and your free time. Learn to find your suitable learning times and conditions.

If you’re studying too hard and for long hours, you’re probably too stressed to enjoy your learning, but not only that, it’s also affecting your spare time.

In this scenario try to cut down your time of studying while maintaining the quality of your learning and accomplishing what needs to be done within allocated time periods.


5. Lifestyle

The fifth factor to enjoy your learning is to actually focus on combing your Lifestyle needs with your learning needs. This includes your own needs, family and friends.

After all, what is life without you, your family and friends?

You should start utilizing the skill or knowledge to your networks (family, colleagues, and friends). People will see the effectiveness of your learning and start giving you positive feedback, you may be able to invite them to learn with you or even become your students.  

You will start to enjoy your personal life much more, also making your learning more enjoyable.


6. Meet new people

Making new friends in the field that you’ve invested your time is the final step you can do to maintain your positive learning cycle.

Finding new friends that have the same interests or learning backgrounds can easily boost up your passion.

By communicating and interacting with new friends with the same interest, you are able to form a group of people and improve more efficiently.

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