3 Good Reasons Why You Should Opt for Online Tutoring

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Have you tried online teaching or online learning?

Over the years, we have seen how the Internet has changed our educational system. We realized how technology can break barriers and open new doors for learning. You no longer have to physically look for an instructor, and you do not have to waste your money for tutorial services that do not meet your expectations.

Today, there are so many free resource materials that can help you improve any skill. To make matters easier, these courses are available on video. You can also select a lesson so specific that you do not have to sit in a classroom for hours. If you just want to learn how to write a specific formula in Excel, like vlookup, you can find it on YouTube and apply what you have learned immediately.

Despite this, you may come across situations where you need one-on-one support. And this is where you can get the best out of your money: online tutoring. But is it worth it? Let us explore together.

Flexibility in Schedule

Either as a student or an adult, you have responsibilities. You have traditional classes to attend or a 9-5 job. The challenge with this is that your physical tutorial services also operate on the same hours. Not all cities or towns have educational systems that operate at night.

With online tutoring, you can choose from thousands of specialists who will work with you, live on the video call, to teach you the things you want to learn at a time convenient for you. You will find these tutors from all over the world, and many of them will be much pleased to work with you at night in your time zone while it is morning in their time zone.

Unlimited Choices

Online tutorial services are dime-a-dozen. As such, you can select the best person to fulfill your needs. Check each tutor’s profile, customer feedback, pricing, availability, and quality of service.

In the physical world, you have to make do with the resources available in your community. If there is only one school that offers HTML coding in your town, you have no other choice but to enroll there, even if you know that the quality of education is so low that one wonders why they haven’t dug a trench already.

In the online world, your options are endless. There is no way you can’t find a tutor who will perfectly fit the void you are trying to fill. Essentially, the world is your playground. And thousands will line up to serve your best interests in exchange for a small fraction of your money.

Unlimited Materials

The books you have to buy from a traditional school was chosen by somebody. Sometimes, these books are not worth your penny. In the online world, you can browse from hundreds of literature and learning materials, both written or on video, and most of these are free. And before you even buy, you get a sense of how valuable it is because consumers leave their feedback.

Your tutors also offer unique content. One English tutor may offer a different material from another. And when you get these materials for free, you are benefiting from the work of at least two people. You can also ask your tutor to design a curriculum only for you. This ensures that the service you get is unique to your needs and not a generalized course syllabus.

In summary, online tutorial services have more to offer than traditional ones. And we have not even touched on the subject of costs. Online tutorial services are cheaper. The tutors do not have to pay for rent, unlike traditional brick-and-mortar tutorial schools

The online tutors do not have to pay for transportation. They do not have to share the earnings with a schoolmaster, accountant, and any other kind of employee that you will typically find in a physical school.

And because of this reduction of expenses, online tutors can give you the most value out of your money.

Arthur: Aaron Matthew Ang – 1on1’s premium tutor

1on1 tutor - Aaron Matthew AngAaron Matthew Ang
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