1on1 Story

1on1 was formed in May 2016; co-founded by Alan Zhuang, CEO( left side) and William Hsu, COO(right side). Alan and William were both born in 1991. They were good friends from the age of 6, never losing touch with each other. They have worked together for many businesses; and they have had good results together, which cultivated cooperation and understanding.

In the first business model of 1on1; the two founders experienced some twists and turns and with a lot of effort, they finally went live in December 2016 with the first version of the test website. But William was fighting cancer for more than two years, but he kept going to complete the 1on1 platform.

But unfortunately, in March 2017, William's condition deteriorated very quickly, and he left us on March 16th. When we lost William we were very sad, and even more sad about the loss of his talent. 1on1 also suffered very serious losses and difficulties during this time. Perhaps with William's blessing from heaven, in May 2017 Alan met the current CTO Kevin. With the talented partner, 1on1 quickly got back on track and also got some very good engineers.

Today, 1on1 will be a trusted and secure global tutor resource platform. In the future we will increase Group-Sessions, Task Wall and Job Search functions that will let users publish their own resume, and give everyone the ability find the people they need.

Whether you want to learn languages, music, cooking, computer programming or any kind of sports, etc.,: here one can find the skills or talent which you need for helping you complete your goals.

1on1's goal is to become the world's largest skill exchange platform. We will provide a comprehensive customer service for growing user groups; and also provide people with the most simple and effective way to let anyone use idle time to make money, thereby reducing the waste of human resources in the world.

For a better world and on William's wish, the 1on1 team sincerely invites you to join us, give us any feedback, support, and participate in our progress and efforts!

What is 1on1?

1on1 is the world's largest skills exchange platform, you can use 1on1 to search any skills, tutors, tasks ,group sessions in over 150 countries, or you can provide your skills to be a tutor or a provider for earning money.

In addition, 1on1 also stand in a third party to assist both users of the transaction, security, certification and other strict checks, we will strive to all members of a good learning and skills exchange environment.