1on1 Story

1on1 was formed in May 2016; co-founded by Hao Zhuang, CEO( left side) and William Hsu, COO(right side). Alan and William were both born in 1991. They were good friends from the age of 6 and never losing touch since then. Both of them have worked together in a plenty of businesses, a solid serial entrepreneurship was built and cultivated the glory of their continuous success.

In the first business model of 1on1, the two founders put in a lot of effort while facing the early twists and turns, they finally managed to launch the test website in December 2016 with the first version and brought in thousands of members. Meanwhile, William was already suffering from cancer for two years, but it never stops his unstinting devotion to 1on1.

Unfortunately, in March 2017, William's condition deteriorated and he left us. The sad news seriously impacted 1on1 and the platform was hanging in the balance. With William's blessing, Alan met 1on1’s current CTO Kevin in May 2017. With the talented partner, 1on1 finally got back on track with a team of skilled engineers.

Today, 1on1 is still striving to be a trusted and secure global tutor resource platform. An integrated function of Group-Sessions, Task Wall and Job Search will soon be implemented; members can also publish their resumes to get more educational recourses and business opportunities.

Whether you want to learn languages, music, cooking, computer programming or any kind of sports, you can easily find the skills or talents you demand on 1on1.

1on1's goal is to become the world's largest skill exchanging platform. We will be dedicated to providing a comprehensive customer service for various groups of user and an effective way to let everyone become eligible to make a profit during idle time.

In order to make the world better, 1on1 team sincerely invites you to join us, give us any feedback or support while participating in our progress of enhancement.

What is 1on1?

1on1 is a Global Tutor Resource Sharing Platform. You could use 1on1 to find many kinds of tutors, teachers, coaches, and experts from over 120+ countries to help you accomplish your learning goals.

And if you're an educator, a freelancer or a skilled provider, you could earn extra income with tutoring jobs sharing your knowledge, expertise, and skills on 1on1.

In addition, 1on1 acts as a third party to assist users with transactions, security, certification, and in other important areas. We strive to provide a good learning environment for all members to exchange skills.