The Help Center informations will be treated as part of the 1on1 Terms of Use, the terms of the endorsement or use of the explanation, you agree and comply when you use our services.

準備開始(Getting started)

什麼是1on1? (What is 1on1?)
1on1 is a shared platform for skills exchange. We can help you find the skills, tutors or professionals which you need ,and help you achieve your goals, such as teaching you to play the piano, weeding for you, and more. Of course, it can also help you take advantage of the skills you have to obtain an additional income.

如何加入1on1? (How to join 1on1?)
You can access the page from the homepage or here, and follow the login method you want, and fill out the form to complete the registration.

如何成為家教? (How to be a tutor?)
Go to your personal page and complete the personal information of your tutor page. Your information will appear on 1on1 search page.

如何刊登任務? (How to post a task?)
Go to your personal page and complete the personal information of your task page, you will be able to publish the task.

如何搜尋家教或是提供技能的人? (How can I search tutors or skill’s provider?)
Go to your personal page and complete the personal information of your task page, you will be able to publish the task.

如何預定? (How to book?)
When you find tutor or provider who you want, you can find out when he can make a reservation and send a booking request or message to him/ her , and when he/ she agrees your request, we will charge you from your payment information which you provide.

如何完成課程或任務? (How to complete the class or task?)
Upon completion of the reservation, you will confirm with the other party the content, time and place of the service. You will complete the relevant courses or tasks in accordance with your agreement.

如何評價? (How to evaluate?)
We hope that every member of the class after the completion of the course to give each other evaluation, in addition to the next user can have a better basis to refer to, but also give each other a positive recognition, and we will not provide the relevant incentives. It also allows us to track your user experience or security.

您的個人資料(Your profile)

如何編輯我的帳戶設置或配置文件? (How do I edit my account settings or profile?)
You can access your profile, edit your tutor, student and task informations, and click to modify other users' viewing rights.

為什麼我需要一個個人資料或個人照片在1on1? (Why do I need to have a 1on1 profile or profile photo?)
In the use of 1on1 platform, we hope that user experience of each member is safe and enjoyable. Clear personal information or photos can help you make people feel reliable, trustworthy, true or safe.

關於評價分數 (About the Evaluation)
Each member has an evaluation score, evaluation scores can let you (1) To be ranked higher than the search rankings (or home page) (2) Give people a more secure, more reliable feeling, will make it easier for you to find the people you need or be needed (3) Allow other users to have a complete basis for reference, to enhance the quality and ensure the safety of users 1on1 feedback (4) To participate in 1on1 bonus system and activities.

如何取得評價分數? (How do I get an evaluation score?)
評價分數可以來自: (1)完整的個人資訊(如:資料驗證) (2)當您完成課程或任務時,對方給予您的評價 (3)參與1on1活動及任務。
Evaluation scores can come from: (1) Complete personal information (e.g. data verification) (2) When you complete a class or task, the other party give you the evaluation (3) Participate in 1on1 activities and tasks.

安全與密碼 (Security & password)
When you forget your login password, please go to the link Forgot your password, we will send you a password reset link. If you just need to change the password, please go to the personal page and you can modify and update the password.

通知 (Notifications)
We will send your reservation, message, pair or possibly content you are interested in to your bound mailbox, station message, etc. If you want to turn off the notification, please go to your personal message.

使用者安全(User’s safety)

使用者的人身安全 (The user's personal safety)
當您使用1on1時,因為眾多的服務可能都在線下進行,因此我們絕對不建議使用者們通過私下的協議進行交易。因為這可能包含眾多的風險,我們將無法取得您雙方協議的時間、地點、價格等。 我們希望每一位使用1on1平台的用戶,是快樂、方便、安全的,因此我們極力推廣以下的機制,盡力防阻各項可能衍生的糾紛: (1)參考評價可以使您查閱其他使用者對於其使用者的評論,讓您可以篩選是否同意此預訂。 (2)當評價有問題時,也可以向1on1申請介入處理解決糾紛(申請介入處理),我們將提供1on1的專人提供相關建議,必要時凍結其1on1帳戶或款項、當事件重大時我們也會把相關資訊提供給當地之政府機關協助。 (3)我們正盡力與國際保險公司尋求並協商,希望取得相關的保險規劃來保障雙方的安全。
When you use 1on1, because many of the services may be carried out under the line, so we absolutely do not recommend the user through a private agreement to trade. As it may involve many risks, we will not be able to obtain the time, place, price, etc. of your agreement.We hope that each user who use 1on1, is happy, convenient and safe, so we strongly promote the following mechanisms, try to prevent the possible derivative disputes: (1) Reference Evaluation Allows you to review other users' comments about their users, allowing you to filter your approval of this reservation. (2) When the evaluation of a problem, you can apply to intervene in the 1on1 dispute resolution (application intervention), we will provide 1on1 person to provide relevant recommendations, if necessary, we can temporary block 1on1 account or money of user. When the event is significant, we will provide relevant information to the local government agencies to assist. (3) We are trying to seek and negotiate with the international insurance companies, hoping to obtain the relevant insurance plan to protect the safety of both sides.

關於付款(About payment)

為什麼必須直接透過1on1付款和交流? (Why should I pay and communicate through 1on1 directly?)
通過1on1進行交流和交易能夠確保您受到我們的服務條款 、退訂政策、退款政策及其他保障措施的保護。此外還能讓您更方便地搜尋和參考重要的預訂信息,比如預定上課的地址、您的行程單以及其它有用的信息。如果您不是直接通過1on1預訂並付款,我們將無法為您提供上述益處。 在1on1系統外付款和交流還會使得我們更加難以保護您的信息,從而導致您面臨更大的欺詐風險及其他安全問題,例如網路釣魚 。
Paying and communicating through 1on1 helps ensure that you're protected under our Terms of Service, cancellation and refund policies and other safeguards. It also makes it easy to find and reference important reservation details like a meeting place, address, your itinerary and other useful information. We can’t provide these benefits if your reservation isn’t booked and paid for directly through 1on1. Paying or communicating outside of 1on1 also makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues, such as phishing.

如何為預訂付款? (When am I charged for a reservation?)
Your payment information is collected when you submit a reservation request. Once the Provider accepts your request, or if you book a reservation with Instant Book, your payment method will be charged for the entire amount at that time. Whether the reservation is 3 days or 3 months away, we hold the payment until 24 hours after finish the lesson or task before giving it to the Provider If anything will be good. This hold gives both parties time to make sure that everything is as expected.

更改您的付款方式 (Changing your payment method)
如果您申請了預訂房源,但提供服務者還沒有回覆,您可以(1)先取消您的預訂申請 ,然後(2)使用另一個付款方式提交另一個預訂申請。 備註: 預訂申請一旦被確認,您便無法對付款方式進行更改。
If you've requested to book a listing but (1) the Provider hasn't responded yet, you can cancel your reservation request and (2) make another request with a different payment method. PS: Once your reservation is confirmed, you can't change your payment method at this time.

什麼是服務費?(What are service fees?)
為了支付1on1網站運營的費用,每次預訂我們會向使用者收取一筆服務費。 服務費金額為預訂金額(不含各種其他費用和稅費)的一個百分比比例,因此不同預訂的服務費金額也不同。預定服務費的具體金額會在確認預訂服務之前顯示。預定服務費一般為(6%~10%),但取決於具體預訂,可能高於、也可能低於這個範圍。預訂總費用越高,服務費所佔比例越低,這樣用戶在預訂較大額的付款時可以節省費用。
To help cover the costs of running 1on1, we charge a service fee every time a reservation is confirmed. The amount of this service fee varies and is based on a percentage of the reservation subtotal (before fees and taxes).The exact amount of the service fee is displayed before you confirm a booking. Service fees are typically 6-10% but can be higher or lower depending on the specifics of the reservation. The higher the subtotal, the lower the percentage so you can save money when booking large reservations.

關於收款(About get paid)

我能用哪些方式進行收款? (What are the ways to collect payments?)
You can collect payments from the services and country-owned services provided by the third-party payment companies that we cooperate with, Services include Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, China, etc. We are also actively expanding more cities and countries. In addition, each region may accept different payment methods, such as: users pay in China with Alipay or WeChat, you can choose to use Alipay or WeChat to the incoming payment.

我可以選擇我要的幣別進行收款嗎? (Can I choose the currency I want to collect?)
In principle, our valuation is mainly in US dollars as the main currency for foreign exchange, only to your location to provide the default currency. But may also be among different countries, we cooperate with third-party payment platform are different, may also provide the same currency receipts and payments.

如何計算我的收款 (How do I calculate my payout?)
The payout you’ll receive is your 6~10% provider service fee (May be due to different time periods or promotions, service charges may also be lower or higher). To view information about any of your payouts, visit your Transaction History.

我何時能收到款項? (When do I get paid?)
1on1 releases your payout about 24 hours after your student or who need your skill’s scheduled time, If anything is good. The time it takes for the funds to arrive in your account depends on your payout method.

收款狀態 (Payout status)
Once we’ve sent your payout, a “Payout” line item will appear for that reservation. If you have a minimum payout amount set, your payout won’t be released until that amount is met.

週末或節慶假日延遲 (Weekend or holiday delays)
許多銀行系統週末或節慶假日期間不處理交易。因此,若1on1在週五至週日之間發放收款,銀行可能要到下週一才能處理。 如果您的交易記錄上顯示有一筆收款已發放,但您對該筆收款的處理時間有疑問,請直接洽詢您的付款處理單位。
Many banking systems don't process transactions on weekends or holidays. If your payout from 1on1 is completed between Friday and Sunday, it might not be processed until the next week. If you have any questions about processing time after your 1on1 transaction history shows a payout as completed, contact your payment processor directly.

1on1是否能用國際電匯將我的收款發送給我? (Can 1on1 send my payouts by international wire transfer?)
如果您是位技能提供者,1on1可以通過國際電匯將您的收款匯給您。國際電匯(或國際電子匯款)是一種用來轉賬的電子支付服務。電匯之所以屬於國際性,是因為我們從國外的銀行支付款項,而款項的貨幣與您的當地貨幣也並不相同。 您的銀行可能會就接收外幣而向您收取一筆費用。如果負責轉款的是一家中間銀行,該銀行可能也會從您的收款中扣除相關費用。 1on1無法告知您接收國際電匯將要支付多少費用。同時,1on1不負責承擔國際電匯中您的銀行或中間銀行收取的費用。
If you're a provider, 1on1 can send you your payouts through international wire transfer. An international wire (or international wire transfer) is an electronic payment service for transferring funds. A wire transfer is considered international when 1on1 sends funds in a currency different from your local currency from a bank outside your country. Your bank may charge a fee to receive a foreign currency. If the funds are transferred using an intermediate bank, the intermediate bank may also deduct fees from the payout. 1on1 can't inform you on how much you'll be charged to receive an international wire. In addition, 1on1 is not responsible for any fees deducted during the international wire, by your bank, or by the intermediary bank.

關於稅款(About taxes)

我應該交稅嗎? (Should I pay taxes?)
Because 1on1 users are from different countries, and users are paid in different ways and in different ways, and each region requires different tax specifications, we recommend that you ask your local accountant, attorney ,local IRS and other relevant professionals. And you 1on1 related transactions, 1on1 system will provide you with a electronic invoice, you can go to your transaction history to see.


我發現1on1有bug (Report a bug)
First of all, thank you very much for your feedback. If you find any errors, please let us know and we will try our best to help you. Give us your valuable comments from here, thank you very much.

我有一些建議 (Give product feedback)
We really appreciate your feedback, which will allow us to provide you with better service, so please click this link and provide us with your valuable feedback.

無法解決?(Can not be resolved?)

來信給我們 (Latter to us)
如果您有找不到的問題或需要幫助,請不吝與我們聯繫,我們將盡快回覆您。 service@1on1.com
If you have other questions or need the help, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. service@1on1.com