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Getting started

What is 1on1?

1on1 is a sharing platform for skills swap partners. We are here to help you connect with the skills, tutors or professionals you need while achieving your goals. Ex: teaching you how to play piano, weeding for you etc. Moreover, it also helps you to take an advantage of the skills you have to obtain an additional income.

How to join 1on1?

You can access to the registration page from 1on1’s homepage, choose the login selections you wish to use, and fill out the form to complete the registration.

How to be a tutor?

Go to your personal page and fill in your Personal information and Tutor information, then your profile will appear on 1on1’s searching page after your submission.

How can I search for tutors, coaches, experts or skill providers?

Please use 1on1 search engine and select the region, price or other filter request, then you can find any kinds of tutors, teachers, coaches, and experts on the search list.

How to book?

When you find the tutor, coach, expert or skill provider you want, you can send your question or appointment request directly to him/her; Wait for the other party to agree to reply to the booking, then system will ask you to pay the course fee and the order will be established.

How to complete a class or task?

Upon the completion of reservation, you will confirm the content, time and place of the service with other party. Both parties will complete the relevant courses or tasks under your agreement.

How to evaluate?

We hope every member give each other evaluation after the completion of your class or task. It not only helps the next user to have a better understanding to refer to, but also gives each other a positive recognition. In addition, it allows us to track your user experience for security purpose. We will randomly provide relevant incentives too.

Your profile

How do I edit my account settings or profile?

You can access to your profile, edit your tutor/student or task information, and modify other users' viewing rights to your personal introduction.

Why do I need to have an 1on1 profile or profile photo?

1on1 hopes the user experience of each member is safe and enjoyable, clear personal information or photos help you become more reliable, trustworthy, true and safe.

About the Evaluation

Each member has an evaluation score, evaluation scores can let you:
(1) Rank in a prior position than others (or on our home page).
(2) Become more secured and reliable, also make it easier for you to find the people you need or be needed.
(3) Allow other users to have a complete basis for reference, enhance the quality, and ensure the safety of 1on1 users.
(4) Participate in 1on1 bonus system and activities.

How do I get an evaluation score?

Evaluation scores can come from:
(1) Detailed personal information(e.g. data verification).
(2) When you complete a class or task, the other party’s feedback.
(3) Participation in 1on1’s activities and tasks

Security & Password

When you forget your login and password, please go to the “Forgot your password” link, we will send you a password reset link.


We will send you your reservation, inbox message, matching results or the content you might be interested to your mailbox and inbox message. If you want to turn off the notification, please go to your personal message.

User’s safety

The user's personal safety

When you use 1on1, we do not recommend you to have private agreement or trades which are not under 1on1’s surveillance. It may involve many risks and we will not be able to obtain the time, place, price and safety. We hope every 1on1 user is happy and safe while using the convenient platform, so we strongly promote the following mechanisms to prevent possible derivative disputes: (1) Reference Evaluation - Allows you to review other users' comments to make your approval of this reservation. (2) When there’s an issue of the evaluation, you can apply for an intervention. We will assign our representative to provide necessary relevant recommendations, we can temporary block the 1on1 account or money of user. When the event is significant, we will provide relevant information to the local governmental agencies for assistance. (3) We are seeking and negotiating with the international insurance companies to obtain the relevant insurance plan to protect the safety of both sides of 1on1 users.

About payment

Why should I only pay and communicate through 1on1?

Paying and communicating through 1on1 are the best way to ensure you're protected under our Terms of Service, cancellation and refund policies and other safeguards. It also makes it easy to find and reference important reservation details like a meeting place, address, your itinerary and other useful information. We can’t provide these benefits if your reservation isn’t booked and paid directly through 1on1. Paying or communicating outside of 1on1 also makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues, such as phishing.

When will I be charged for an appointment?

Once the provider has accepted your appointment, we will send you a payment request; you can pay the full amount according to the preferences of the payment method.Whether the appointment is 3 days or 3 months away, we hold the payment until 24 hours after finish the lesson or task before giving it to the tutor, teacher, coach, expert, or provider If anything will be good. This hold gives both parties time to make sure that everything is as expected.

What are service fees?

To help cover the costs of running 1on1, we charge a service fee every time a reservation is confirmed. The amount of this service fee varies and is based on a percentage of the reservation subtotal (before fees and taxes).The exact amount of the service fee is displayed before you confirm a booking. Service fees are typically 5-10% but can be higher or lower depending on the specifics of the reservation. The higher the subtotal, the lower the percentage, so you can save money when booking larger reservations.

About get paid

What are the ways to collect payments?

You can collect payments from the services and country-owned services provided by the thirdparty payment companies that we cooperate with, Services include Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, China etc. We are also actively expanding more cities and countries. In addition, each region may accept different payment methods, such as: users pay in China with Alipay or WeChat, you can choose to use Alipay or WeChat for the incoming payment.

Can I choose the currency I want to collect?

Our valuation is mainly in US dollars as the main currency for foreign exchange. However, the third-party payment platform we are cooperating with might be able to provide the transaction in your currency in some other countries. For more information, please visit the third-party payment platform’s official website.

How do I calculate my payout?

The payout you’ll receive is the amount minus your 5~10% provider service fee (Due to different time periods or promotions, service charges may also be lower or higher). To view information about any of your payouts, visit your Transaction History.

When do I get paid?

1on1 will issue the amount to your 1on1 account approximately 3 hours after the course is completed. You can make a withdrawal in the way you want to withdraw money, the time it takes for the funds to arrive in your account depends on your payout method.

Weekend or holiday delays

Many banking systems don't process transactions on weekends or holidays. If your payout from 1on1 is completed between Friday and Sunday, it might not be processed until the next week. If you have any questions about processing time after your 1on1 transaction history shows a payout as completed, contact your payment processor directly.

Can 1on1 send my payouts by international wire transfer?

If you're a educator or a skill provider, 1on1 can send you your payouts through international wire transfer. An international wire (or international wire transfer) is an electronic payment service for transferring funds. A wire transfer is considered international when 1on1 sends funds in a currency different from your local currency from a bank outside your country. Your bank may charge a fee to receive a foreign currency. If the funds are transferred using an intermediate bank, the intermediate bank may also deduct fees from the payout. 1on1 can't inform you on how much you'll be charged to receive an international wire. In addition, 1on1 is not responsible for any fees deducted during the international wire, by your bank, or by the intermediary bank.

About taxes

Should I pay taxes?

1on1 users are from different countries, and users pay and receiving payment in different ways. Each region requires different tax specifications, we recommend you ask your local accountant, attorney ,local IRS and other relevant professionals. And your 1on1 related transactions can be found within our system. Our system will provide you with an electronic invoice. For more info, you can go to your transaction history


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