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What is 1on1?

1on1 is the world's largest skills exchange platform, you can use 1on1 to search any skills, tutors, tasks ,group sessions in over 150 countries, or you can provide your skills to be a tutor or a provider for earning money.

In addition, 1on1 also stand in a third party to assist both users of the transaction, security, certification and other strict checks, we will strive to all members of a good learning and skills exchange environment.


How 1on1 works ?

Step.1 - Sign Up & Log In

Sign up as a member of 1on1.

Step.2 - Search

Search categories or skills which you need with 1on1 search engine..

Step.3 - Message

Contact with the tutors or the providers.

Step.4 - Complete

Complete the classes or the tasks and pay by the agreement.