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What is 1on1?

1on1 is a Global Tutor Resource Sharing Platform. You could use 1on1 to find many kinds of tutors, teachers, coaches, and experts from over 120+ countries to help you accomplish your learning goals.

And if you're an educator, a freelancer or a skilled provider, you could earn extra income with tutoring jobs sharing your knowledge, expertise, and skills on 1on1.

In addition, 1on1 acts as a third party to assist users with transactions, security, certification, and in other important areas. We strive to provide a good learning environment for all members to exchange skills.


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How does 1on1 work?

Step.1 Join 1on1

Sign up as a member of 1on1.

Step.2 Search Tutors, Coaches, and Experts

Search the courses or skills you want via 1on1's search engine..

Step.3 Send Message

Contact the tutors or service providers you want.

Step.4 Reservation and Confirmation

Make an appointment & confirm the meeting time, place, price and the prepayment.

Step.5 Teaching and Learning

Conduct a local or online lesson with the tutors.

Step.6 Rating

Complete the lesson and rate each other.

Step.7 Payments

Tutors or skill providers obtain the payment.

Why 1on1?


If you're not receiving the value at any point, 1on1 will be dedicated to help you find a new teacher or refund any unused lesson credits.


We provide full student reviews and reference checks to make your search more efficiently while you comparing and searching your local teachers.


Our online system is striving to make the booking, managing your schedule and paying for lessons easy and hassle-free.

Let's discover the best tutors, instructors, coaches, and lessons all over the world!

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