How to conduct online lessons

We recommend using Google Hangouts to conduct tutoring sessions purchased through our website. Google Hangouts is stable, has good audio and video quality, and is user-friendly in terms of virtual teaching as well as recording lesson content.


Access Google Hangouts

Access the Google Hangouts page, and login to your Google user account. Click on [Video Call].

You do not need to download or install anything to be able to use Google Hangouts. You should be able to access Google Hangouts via your browser and start a video call as long as you have a Google account.


Start a video call and obtain link

When you start a video call, you will have a link. Copy and share this link with your student/ teacher so that they can join this call.

​You can also add a student’s email address to your Contacts and call him or her directly.


Start the lesson

When both of you have entered the call, you can now start your lesson!

​You may also wish to utilize Google Hangouts’ tools and functions such as Screenshare, record the video or chat, and so on.

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