5 Quick Asian English accent fixes!


That will make you sound like you have been in the USA or the UK for a long time

(You’re lucky to stumble across this article that the education industry wouldn’t want you to see, you can thank me later) .

Let’s be real for a minute here, in this article I’ll be talking about things that will save you a lot of time AND money. To do that, I’ll have to be extra honest with you and I will not be caring about your feelings.


I’ll care about your results and getting you that clear accent you NEED to get that job, lifestyle and/or whatever you need it for, good luck to you.

DISCLAIMERThis is for those who want to fix their accent within a short period of time AND to do that you must get out of your way, you must do a few NEW things that you’re not used to, it’ll probably not feel comfortable at first.

BUT hey! IF you feel that, then you are on the right path, you know that after you practice enough, the people who know you will be thinking to themselves ‘’How the hell did he/she do to get to this level so quick?!’’


You need to be self-aware. If you don’t have enough self-awareness, well, record yourself talking for 3 minutes straight. I WANT YOU, for 3 minutes to IMPROVISE & FREE ASSOCIATE (I’ll explain this exercise down below, it’s the KEY for public speakers, business people and those who want to be more social in their lives.).

By the way, we already started the training, so stop reading, get your phone and start recording! (that rhymed!)


Get paper and a pen if you haven’t already. That’ll be what will track your progress. Play the video and HONESTLY criticize yourself.

You want to develop that vocal quality criticism, it’s a skill. I won’t be here with you helping you all the time, after all, once this article ends, you will be on your own. Let’s be real.

Now if you list at least 5 things you didn’t like about the way you speak ENGLISH. Then keep on reading.

I’ll list a few quick fixes for you don’t you worry, I’m making sure you’re not just reading and doing nothing.


Send that video to my Facebook/Instagram and I’ll tell you straight what you need to fix. I get paid to do this.

But I’m giving this to you for free IF you take a screenshot of the 5 things you already wrote about what you don’t like about your English speaking skills and send it to me. ONLY then will you qualify for this service? But that’s not all, keep reading…


Learn to pronounce sounds that are commonly mispronounced by Asians.

First one right off the bat: ‘’TH’’ sound(when you say the word ‘’thanks’’). Commonly pronounced as ‘’S’’.

Look, when you want to pronounce this sound, put the tip of your tongue right under your teeth. If you still can’t fix it. Do as if you’re biting the tip of your tongue and blow air. That ought to help you make that sound.

Now there are 2 ‘’TH’’ sounds.

‘’That’’ is different than ‘’thanks’’. But the same fix works for both of them, you’ll catch yourself saying ‘’zzat’’ instead of ‘’that’’ if you haven’t completely fixed it yet so you gotta consciously fix this problem for at least 30 days to get rid of it.


Speaking with a boring monotone intonation.

If you are Chinese, then the closest thing you have to intonation is tones.

In Chinese, tones are used to give 4 different meanings to the same sound.

In English, there’s no concept of tones, but intonation makes your language ALIVE. It’s also used to ask a question. In English, we don’t use ‘’吗‘’ to indicate that what you said is a question. Instead, your voice starts with a low pitch and ends in a high pitch. That an interrogative intonation.

Intonation adds another layer to English when speaking it.

Now how do you fix your intonation? Learn the 3 most useful intonation patterns and use them accordingly. If you overuse either one of them then it will be weird/you go back to being monotone again. But as I said before, don’t worry about any negative feedback, kee practicing.

1. TR intonation:

When you’re not certain about what you’re saying, or you are asking a question, start low and at the end raise your intonation.

2. BR intonation:

If you’re certain about what you’re saying. Giving advice or selling something, use this, in fact, you want to be using this 50% of the time if you want people to be trusting what you’re saying. Start with a middle-range pitch and slightly high voice and bring them both down at the end of your sentence to indicate certainty.

3. Alternatives:

Depending on which accent you’re going for(make sure to choose one) intonation styles will get more complex. But explore these options only after mastering the first 2.


If there are no vowels then don’t ‘’uh’’ at the end.

This is the biggest game-changer for beginners. Say ‘’But’’, if you heard yourself saying ‘’buttuh’’ then you’ve got to learn how to separate consonants from vowels.

If you speak with a monotone intonation then the good news is this quick fix will make you sound like a superstar.


Let’s get real and get some things outta the way:

First of all, forget about all the money and time you spent learning English in school and other private establishments. You’re starting with a clean plate, that’ll help you learn faster.

Because the education industry is just for making money, not actually teaching you. AND it’s set up in a very clever way where it makes you feel comfortable if you don’t learn anything, in fact, that’s good for business so you stay longer.

You’re a non-native English speaker after all! So it’s okay for you to speak wrong. At the same time you had a NATIVE speaker teaching you English.

Well guess what, Learning a language and ACQUIRING it are different things.

A native speaker doesn’t even remember how he/she learned English. They learned it while they were babies being brought up after all.

Oh and not in a school, no formal education. They weren’t even aware they’re learning. You learned your first language in this manner too.

This is what acquiring a language is AND no, you can’t do it this way after you are older than 10 years for sure.

Learning a language is a little different. You are older when doing this. You’re also aware that you are learning the language.



Now, why was I telling you to forget everything you learned before. It’s because you’re trying to install an Android application in an apple phone. Because you were trying to learn English from someone who acquired the language.

Listen up now(or rather, read up now) when you’re alone at home, pick someone you like who speaks English in a way that ticks with you. Listen to them speak for at least 30 minutes. Then stop the video/recording and IMPROVISE using their way of speech.

If you manage to apply all of this within a week, then I know you’re serious about this. Contact me now and I’ll work with you 1on1 for the fastest progress you’ll see.

Who am I? My name is Amin, I own 3 businesses and I’ll be honest with you, without my sales skills(which are just communication skills) I wouldn’t have made it. I started learning English when I was 16.

Now I’m giving speeches all around Asia. I started out as a copywriter, then I also got paid to be a ghost speaker(meaning I write the speech and go up to present it.) for business owners coming from English speaking countries too.

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