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The purpose of this article is to get knowledge about the growth of cannabis legally in the USA and helpful for those who are interested in getting a valid license for medicinal uses.  Besides, providing a vast knowledge to those who are planning to grow farms and fields of cannabis.

In US cannabis as a use of possession is illegal under federal laws of Controlled Substances Act 1970. Under the act, cannabis schedule I substance and highly abuse and not accepted in medical uses. While in many states it significantly conflicts with federal policies.

The US land is now becoming a land of red, white and green. Nine states of Washington DC have legalized to grow marijuana for age above 21 years. Medicinal purposes are used to allow in other 30 states after voting a ballot in Oklahoma. 

In 2018 support of the drug is at a high level, a Gallup report showed that 64% of Americans are in favor of legalization. In 2017 North America received legal marijuana sales up to 9.7billion dollars. It is increased by almost 33% as compared with the 2016 year. It is expected that in 2022 it might be $32 billion with a growth rate of 22% over a four year of the period. 


Recently, 28 states and DC have enacted laws to legalize medicinal marijuana.  Handful heavy broader laws, which also allow for recreational use. It is very important to aware the laws where you live. If you are involved in the business of marijuana and not aware the laws then you will commit in the crime and law will bind you.

Review the policy to know where you live. Although legalization seems to be the way of the future, many places are falling behind.

This article is helpful for those who have started the business of cannabis in medicine worldwide.

Methods are differently applied. Which are?


Marijuana is classified into two main strains: Sativa and Cannabis Indica.  The sativa gives the feeling of euphoria and content; while Indica gives the classic, heavier, stoned feeling. However, most of the strains available today are hybrids, which mean they have a combination of Indica and sativa traits.

Indica tends to be shorter and more compact; the sativas are long and leggier.

There is a variety of cannabis which is ruderal or auto-flowering. These strains are hybrids that have been bred to have the ability to start sprouting automatically after a few weeks. The auto-flowering strains are generally ready to harvest in about 3 months and are available in many popular or famous varieties.

Surprisingly it is not so difficult, there is the number of companies that are reputable and they can do quickly and discreetly. The best source offers a guarantee.

Herbies:  Located in the UK, they have more than 2500 seed varieties. They have an excellent customer service and delivered all over the world.

Shensi Seeds:  One of the oldest and reputable companies in Netherland.  They have spent million dollars and have incredible quality. They can’t brand their seeds worldwide but you can buy the seeds from companies such as HERBIES SHENSI SEEDS.

Bonza Seeds:  They are shipping their orders worldwide and they shipped free and fully tracked delivery assurance. Such as Bonza partner is quite famous.

Gorilla Cannabis seeds:  These are UK based and offer excellent varieties such as Super Cheese with historically high THC levels of 20.94% and feminized by Green House Seeds.  Their customer service is excellent and they have full contact details and price offer is also reliable.

Distribution and cultivation is allowed in some states which are;


In California adults above the age of 21 has allowed 28.5 g of usable marijuana and 8 g of cannabis pure.

While 6 plants are allowed to those who are adult above the 21 years of age.  As per need-based if some patients have more demand then physician’s recommendation can enhance the amount of plant growth.


Colorado citizens have allowed at once only one ounce of marijuana, its 1/4th ounce for non-residents.

Two ounces of usable marijuana is allowed for patients to use medicinal purposes.

Adults have allowed six plants per individual with three mature plants, while non-residents have not allowed growing the plant.

Those plants are cultivated in closed and isolated areas and they are not allowed to sold peoples of those home cultivate cannabis.


In Arizona State, marijuana can access from registered medicinal dispensary up to 2.5 ounces in 14 days of the period. If someone is 25 miles away from dispensary then he can grow 12 plants for medicinal purposes.

The patients of marijuana and their caretakers may allow cultivating six mature cannabis plants and twelve immature cannabis plants.


Home cultivation is not allowed, while only patients and their caretakers are allowed to amount of marijuana not exceed then the month.


Only six ounces or less is allowed of marijuana for patients. Home growth is restricted.


Columbians have allowed two ounces or less marijuana and adult of 21 years of age is legal to use.

Adults can exchange marijuana up to one ounce without any cost or services.

It is allowed for adult persons to cultivate six marijuana plants out of which three mature plants has no restrictions.


In Florida cultivation is not allowed and there is no specification limit for cannabis amount.


In Hawaii seven plants total and no more than four oz. is allowed under the registered program for patient and caretakers.


For 14 days there are 2.5 ounces of marijuana is allowed and not permission of cultivation either home or farm.


Registered patients have allowed 30 days of time duration and home cultivation is restricted.


Adults of 21 years of age have allowed using one ounce publically, ten ounces at home and five grams of cannabis concentrate.

Six mature plants per individual are allowed to cultivate but it should be invisible to common people.


The registration process is mandatory to access cannabis. If health care professional has recommended someone but his registration is not done then he is not allowed to receive marijuana.

If the recommended amount is not mentioned in the database then in solid form 48 ounces of marijuana, three ounces of usable marijuana, and 216 ounces of marijuana-infused product in liquid form and 21 g of concentrate marijuana are allowed to patients.

Cultivation of cannabis plants are allowed up to six plants home-based and he/she can use 8 ounces of usable marijuana produced from his plants. If the health care professional has allowed for medical purposes then 15 plants are allowed and 16 ounces of marijuana can be used from his plants.

New Jersey

Patients are allowed two ounces of marijuana for 30 days of time underwritten prescription from the health professional. Cultivation of the plant is not allowed under any conditions.

New Mexico

Registered patients have allowed 8 ounces of usable cannabis,  while primary caretaker has allowed transporting 8 ounces per registered patient.

Registered patients have allowed cultivating four plants and can use marijuana from the plant under 8 ounces limit.

New York

Registered patients have allowed to stock for thirty days of time period. After due time deadline will increase for the next thirty days under the new prescription. The home growth of the plant is restricted.

Still, now it’s banned of the uses of cannabis, some of the derivatives have been approved by FDA for prescription purposes. 

The legal permission from the state will definitely allow the Cannabis as an important role in medicinal and other purposes. The interest and values will continue this product in a true sense leading role in the economy of the country.


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